Why use a stainless steel bottle?

Why a stainless steel bottle?

1) Disposable water flakes are environmentally polluting. A reusable water bottle helps reduce the huge pile of plastic waste in our seas. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable!

2) Aluminum bottles are also not a good choice because aluminum is not healthy in our food. That's why a protective layer is in the bottles. Except what might be in this protective layer (BPA?)? And this layer gets regularly damaged during cleaning or if the bottle falls. Food grade stainless steel 304 is BPA free, safe and non-toxic. RVS requires absolutely no coatings and uses less energy than aluminum!

3) You can easily clean an ECOtanka made of stainless steel - a bottle with a wide opening so that you can easily clean it with a washing-up brush. Bottles that are not cured, but are completely made of stainless steel, can also be put in the dishwasher. The bottles with color can not and you will have to wash them off by hand.

4) Shelf life of water: Water can be stored for a very long time under the right conditions. This is because water does not contain substances that can spoil. Only bacteria develop when the water comes into contact with organic material such as saliva. A bottle of water that you buy in the store and kept in the fridge can last for years. If you fill a clean bottle with tap water yourself, it can be stored for about a week. A bought water bottle may be kept in the fridge for a long time, but this does not apply if you leave it in a warm car for days. When water gets hot, potentially harmful bacteria multiply, and drinking the water can then be harmful to people with a weak immune system.

5) Why do water bottles have a THT? Now: not the water has the THT, but the plastic of the bottles. Over time a plastic bottle of chemicals leaks into the water and it gets a plastic aftertaste. Plastic is photo-degradable which means that it breaks down when exposed to UV rays. That bottle what you have in your hot car for days you can better throw away.